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How it works

At Indigenous World Winery our wine club is flexible, fun and free to join. Sneena Cellars Wine Club members can choose a selection of any 6 or more bottles with our twice a year program. We believe that every individual person is unique with a unique taste in wine and so it is our mission to send exactly what you want.


Alternatively, there is the option to select “Tonia’s Picks” and our Wine Club Manager will choose six of our very best wines. This option is becoming popular as members fall more and more in love with our wines each year.

Joining the Sneena Cellars wine club is easy: simply continue to the packages page and choose your wines or select “Tonia’s Picks”. Pricing will depend on the wines that you choose and will include a 15% discount from our retail cost. Once a membership is activated with an initial shipment of 6 or more bottles, members are given a 15% discount on all merchandise and wine purchases moving forward, among many other perks. Come on in to the wine shop or email Tonia ( with any questions you might have.

In BC shipping is $15.00 for wine club members. Canadian orders otherwise are charged a flat rate of $35.00 for up to a case (12 bottles) of wine. Additional charges may apply to rural areas and may vary by location.


Wine Club Shipments

Wine is sent out twice a year, in the Spring and Falol, right from our door to yours. We understand that it isn’t always easy to find our wines in the marketplace, especially for our guests from outside of BC and so joining our wine club ensures you find the exact wine you want at a very exceptional price.


Sharing Your Experience

If you loved the wine you received or you had an excellent food pairing, don’t keep it quiet; share your comments, feedback, food pairing suggestions and general thoughts about the wine you receive with our social community. Tag us using @indigenouswine or #indigenouswine on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


Ordering Between Shipments?

Perhaps a special event is around the corner or maybe you’ve fallen in love with one of our newly released vintages and would just like more. Wine club members can reorder at any time with the same great service and same great discount!


Can I order without having a membership?

Absolutely! Browse through our portfolio to discover our diverse varietal selection, or you use the search function to select your favorites right away. Follow all the steps at checkout to purchase your online order, and you can expect your selected products very soon! If you decide you love our wines, you can join the wine club anytime!

Shipping is through ATS Healthcare, which is a company who prides themselves on excellent quality customer service. Their courier trucks are temperature controlled they deliver only fragile shipments, which means we trust that your wine will always show up to your door in perfect condition every time.

Club Specifications

$0 Initiation fee / $0 Cancellation fee

No extra fees here. You only pay for the wine that is delivered directly to your door.


We ship Canada wide and use ATS Healthcare as our trusted courier. They are efficient and prioritize excellent customer service, which is why we trust that your wine orders will always arrive on time and in perfect condition.  We are unfortunately unable to ship to PO Boxes so please be sure to let us know where the best place will be to securely send your wine, ensuring someone over the age of 18 is able to sign for delivery. We do not currently ship outside of Canada.

Amount of wine

Every Spring and Fall season you can select a minimum of 6 bottles of award winning wines and spirits. If you would like to order more than the minimum, please do! Many members take advantage of that flexibility.

Wine packages are shipped out to our members twice a year. You will receive an email notification prior to each shipment in the Spring and again in the Fall with a list of our most current portfolio to select from. At that time we’ll also inform you of when payments will be processed, dates for Pick Up Parties and more.

Memberships include many perks, including:

  • 15% off all wine and merchandise purchases
  • Free wine tastings for you and five guests
  • Exclusive invitations to Pick Up Parties and New Vintage Release Wine Tastings
  • Quarterly newsletters featuring new wine releases, up and coming events and much more.

Makes a great gift!

Do you know someone that loves wine? Have you thought about purchasing a wine club subscription as a gift? Simply head over to the gift packages area and when you checkout you can select the wines you’d like to add to their shipments. Our packages are also great as a corporate gift because we can deliver directly to your client’s office.

Wine packages are a great way to make someone feel special!

When will I receive my wine?

Once the very last shipment of wine has left our winery we will send out an email to all of our members. From there, weather depending, shipments should arrive the following week or so. If you haven’t received your wine within two weeks of that email, contact Tonia for more information.

Phone: 250-258-6297


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